Insight 102; rum-urchin: In this application I have chosen to visualize the "rum universe" from the generic user perspective. By rum universe I mean the distribution of all available bottles in the rum space. This required the construction of a graph-like object where the root node (origin of the graph) represents the generic user and all other nodes (children of the root one) are the rum types considered.

The distance from a given rum node to the user is selected such that the farther the node, the better the rum quality according its average rating. Colors are employed to cluster brands with similar average rating. I like this type of display as opposed to lists because it gives the reader a quick view of what the brands' space is like in terms of ratings. After my science days coding and running molecular dynamics (MD) simulations I had to invoque the MD lord for this one...

Click the button below to see a dynamic rum-universe graph representation. Consecutive clicks regenerate the graph. This is the original data from RumRatings repackaged with the help of force-directed graphs using D3. Hovering over the nodes will display the brand name, brand id, and brand average rating.

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