CompaniON (as in Companies of ONtario) is an interactive two-dimensional map portraying a sample set of 3000 Ontario companies such that companies with similar profiles/descriptions are clustered closer to one another. Such mapping was created by just relying on the raw text documents describing the company profiles/descriptions. More info here.

Scale factor

USAGE: This app is not fully functional on mobile devices because they lack features like mouse hovering. Load the map by clicking the button above (could take several seconds depending on your ISP bandwidth). Left-click and drag over map region to perform translation of the data points. Mouse scroll wheel on map region to zoom-in/zoom-out the view. Hover over the nodes to read each company profile. Reloading with larger/smaller scale factor will increase/decrease the inter-node distances to resolve better/worst company nodes as compared to the default view of scale=1.

INSIGHTS: 1-) The lowest center cluster in light-blue/green encompasses many automotive companies and car dealerships. 2-) The region at 5 oclock where light and darker blue nodes meet contains many companies in the health industry; dentistry and chiropractor clinics, cosmetic and vision centers, etc. 3-) Many of the red-colored nodes at 9 oclock correspond to enterprises in the manufacturing and machinering fields. Go ahead and keep discovering...

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